BESM 3e Fan Wiki


Welcome to the BESM 3e fan-site wiki! This wiki is here to collect fan-made resources for the Big Eyes Small Mouth third edition roleplaying system.

Getting Involved

Please contribute whatever you can. To learn how to edit wiki pages look here.

You can search the wiki, and if you land on a blank page and have an idea for what should be there, simply click 'Edit This Page' and start typing. Once you have a basic post ready, save it and then figure out where in the navigation it goes and put a link to it there.

On the other hand, if you navigate somewhere looking for something and don't find it, hit edit where you expected to find it and add a link to it there. Once you've created the link, click it and if the page you go to is not yet made, put in a few comments, even if only 'can someone please write about this'.

Wiki's are very open, just about anyone can edit just about anything. Be sensitive about editing other's work. Editing for grammar and spelling is fine. However if you disagree with an opinion, don't remove it, but add your own for contrast preceded by either something like making a 'list of ways to handle this' or 'other people feel it is like this instead.'

Opinions differ on toads, here are some views:
  • Essay on toads giving warts.
  • Essay on toads not giving warts.

Essay on toads giving warts.
On the other hand, there is also the opinion that...
Essay on toads not giving warts.

Keep in mind that if you do remove something you disagree with, it is still in the history so you haven't really removed, just revealed yourself as someone who doesn't play nice. So, let's all play nice even when we don't see a concept the same way.


At the bottom of every edit page is a field called "Optional: tags for this page, separated by commas".

Always use this field, this site does much of its automatic indexing by using the tags. To find out what tags would work best for your article, please read: Tagging Articles. You can use as many tags as you want, but please do not misuse the standard tags listed on that page, as the only method to remove a tag from a specific article is to delete and recreate the article, which discards valuable history and discussion.

Although others cannot see the tags you have added when viewing the page, they can still find your article through the tag list or tag cloud using these tags. If you create a new tag, please add a reference to it on the relevant index pages (most of which are found in the navigation pane on the left).

It is acceptable to edit another's work to add tags, or to correct obvious mistakes that are failing to connect to the intended indices, but do not remove tags that connect custom works together unless they are improperly connecting one author to another in the wrong place for such a connection (such as putting a 'lord of the rings' tag on a 'greyhawk conversion' page).


Innuendo is one thing, there is plenty of that in anime, plenty of tease and so on, but explicit content is strictly not to be posted here. Hentai art will be removed, and Hentai text edited out. Please keep the site clean and PG-13.